Pan-Fried Winter Flounder Fillets

Serves 4

Even though I use only a light dusting of spices on this fish, I'm particular about the mixture. I like the blend of black and red peppers, cumin, and garlic powder found in most chili powders, plus the lemony-clean kick of a little cayenne. It's easy to mix up your own, or we actually sell our favorite mixture here on our website.

4 whole winter flounders, about one pound each, filleted and skinned (8 pieces)
2 tablespoons salted butter
1 1/4 teaspoons chili-cayenne spice mixture
sea salt

Pat the fillets dry and let them sit to air dry while you prepare your spice mixture and heat a non-stick pan. Drop a half-tablespoon of the butter into the hot pan and let it melt. Season the first fillet (two pieces, the two sides of one fish) with a pinch of your spice mixture and a little salt.

You want to keep the heat medium-low for this recipe. Don't let the pan get smoking hot. Keep it just hot enough for the butter to foam, and to give the fish a very light sear.

Put the fish in the pan and keep an eye on it. It needs only about one and a half minutes, depending on its thickness. When you see the edges of the fillets turn opaque, it's time to turn them.

Get your fish turner under as much of each piece of fish as you can, and turn it as if it were an egg, over easy, keeping the spatula down low over the pan. Give the fish just a half minute on this second side.

Remove and serve immediately alongside a small salad. And tell your eaters to dig in while you continue cooking and serving the rest of the fillets, one fish (two pieces) at a time. Make sure your skillet isn't getting too hot. Add another half-tablespoon of butter to it and remember to season each portion just before setting it in the pan.