Mac’s Gear

Mac’s Gift Card

Just what they always wanted. Really. Because our gift card buys any and all marvelousness from Mac's.


The Shack Track Jacket

Our retro-inspired track jacket is lightweight and slightly fitted. Black with white piping and white lettering - 'mac's' on the front and 'shack' on the back.


Mac’s Seafood Mesh Hats

These mesh hats keep us cool through the season - baseball, boating & beach.  And they look great on everyone. Grey, green & black.


Clam Knife

The professionals' knife of choice, and for good reasons. This baby works, and it's built to last. We even guarantee it.


Oyster Knife

Brawny rather than beautiful, this is our go-to oyster-shucking knife. Gets 'er done. And lasts, too.


Mac’s Zip Fisherman Hoodie

Storm grey with a vintage bluefish design on the back, our stylish zip-up hoodie will keep you wrapped in warmth and looking good on cool Cape days. 


Mac’s Totes

This ultra light-weight bag is the perfect size for a trip to the market.  Great for beach towels too.


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