Fresh Fish


Cod is long-prized for its dense, juicy flake and sweet, delicate flavor.  A classic broiled with butter and breadcrumbs, or we love it pan-roasted with garlic, tomatoes and olives.  We deliver ours skinless - cook it gently.  Cut into thick, loin-end fillets totaling 3 lbs.



Delicate, white flounder fillets, delivered skinless and ready for a quick, buttery sauté or for slicing into crudo.



Our monk will make a believer out of you. Rounded, meaty tail fillets, valued by chefs for their scallop-like texture and sweetness.


North Atlantic Swordfish

Harpooned and cut into hefty steaks, our swordfish grills up juicy and sweet, and it's great with savory salsas.


Atlantic Salmon

Selected for its true-salmon flavor and richness, and also because it's sustainably farmed. Skin-on fillets.


Atlantic Yellowfin Tuna

Big, juicy, and great on the grill. Our yellowfin steaks are sashimi grade: serve them rare.


Sustainably-Harvested Shrimp

We selected these wild shrimp for their clean, sweet flavor. They cook up plump, with an almost crisp snap. A peel-n-eat shrimp boil is always fun. Or give them a quick sauté in olive oil with lots of garlic and a pinch of red pepper flakes. These are jumbos, so each 2-pound package contains about 45 shrimp. Because fresh shrimp are so delicate, we deliver ours frozen, tail-on, in 2 lb. bags––thaw gently in the fridge.


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