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Bag of Wellfleet Oysters

Wellfleet oysters, selected for their deep-cupped beauty. The bag of one hundred... because nobody can eat just one. 


Three Dozen Wellfleet Oysters

Raw, smoked, fried or grilled.  In a slider, stew or cocktail shooter.  Served with mignonette or cocktail sauce (or just a squeeze of lemon.)  The distinct taste of the Wellfleet Oyster can complement most any dish - or simply stand alone.  Earthy and plump, resting in a perfectly balanced brine.  The mouthfeel is creamy, sweet and mild.  The finish is crisp, clean and satisfying.  There really is nothing like a fresh Wellfleet Oyster.  36 hand-selected pieces of perfection per order.


One Dozen Wellfleet Oysters

A perfect dozen of the best oysters on the planet. 


Shucked Sea Scallops

Plump, sweet, sea scallops from the Atlantic side. A true local gem and a daily catch. Dry––preservative free, that is.


Fifty Wellfleet Littleneck Clams

Sweet and briny select Wellfleet littlenecks. Rave about 'em raw. Love 'em with linguine. 50 clams per order.


Bag of Littleneck Clams

The same well-endowed select Wellfleet clams we sell by the dozen, in a party-worthy bag of 100. 


Raw Bar To Go

Wow 'em with Wellfleet oysters and littlenecks, plus our wild shrimp cocktail and Mac's homemade cocktail sauce.


Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail

Our pick both for flavor and sustainability (they're wild harvested, not farmed). Cooked, chilled, and ready to party.


Sustainably-Harvested Shrimp

We selected these wild shrimp for their clean, sweet flavor. They cook up plump, with an almost crisp snap. A peel-n-eat shrimp boil is always fun. Or give them a quick sauté in olive oil with lots of garlic and a pinch of red pepper flakes. These are jumbos, so each 2-pound package contains about 45 shrimp. Because fresh shrimp are so delicate, we deliver ours frozen, tail-on, in 2 lb. bags––thaw gently in the fridge.


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