Mac’s Fresh Seafood

Fresh Seafood

All our shellfish

A roll call of Cape Cod hall-of-famers: oysters, clams, steamers, scallops, and mussels. Plus a few exceptional out-of-towners, like wild shrimp. View All >

Fresh Seafood

Wellfleet Oysters

There's a reason people ask for them by name. Briny bite, creamy finish, pretty much the perfect food. View All >

Fresh Seafood

Lobsters & Clambakes

Starring luscious lobsters from Cape Cod's mighty Atlantic backshore. View All >

Fresh Seafood

Fresh Fish

When we say “catch of the day,” we mean it. Locally sourced, in-season, and fabulously fresh. View All >

Fresh Seafood

Smoked and Cured

Seasoned with a gently-spiced brine, then fruitwood smoked. Just the way our grandfather taught us. The smokin'est. View All >

Fresh Seafood


Mac's delivers the life of the party, with homemade smoked seafood patés, everybody's favorite shrimp cocktail, posh caviars and more... View All >

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