Alex’s Picks

Seasonal selections from one serious eater.

Alex’s advice on the eternal question: “You know what would be awesome right now?” Alex is always fishing for new favorites, and when they’re local all the better.

Alex's Pick

On males, the roe is creamy tan, on females it's bright coral. I go both ways.

Live Roe Scallops

Two dreamy, delicious local wonders in one shell: the big, firm, sweet scallop itself, plus the rich, tender, crescent of roe.


Alex's Pick

I'll never forget Humpa teaching us to smoke fish. He was such a perfectionist about every little thing. But, oh boy, the results were good.

House-Smoked Wild Bluefish

Locally caught, and house-smoked with love, so it's burnished on the outside but sweet and moist inside.


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