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The Local Fish Report: What to Eat in July

I'm not much into bumper stickers, though there is one on my scooter that says, "Eat Me, I'm Local." I am a card-carrying member of the Cape Cod chapter of "Buy Fresh, Buy Local."

BFBL is part of a national nonprofit called FoodRoutes Network and their goal is to strengthen the market for locally grown foods. I like the idea of joining forces with other restaurant people, farmers market organizers, and shop owners who are

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Meet Your Mackerel

The Atlantic mackerel have started swimming through local waters on their way to their cool summering grounds farther north. These are Scomber scombrus, the ones with the bold black markings on their backs. Their arrival coincides with the arrival of city visitors heading to their summering grounds on the Cape, and the opening of Mac’s Shack tonight.

One of my hopes for this season is to introduce these two different species of travelers to one another.

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My Kind of Easter Eggs

My brother came into the office last Monday morning looking like the cat who ate the canary. Not an uncommon look for an eater like Alex, I might add.

"What did you have for breakfast today?" he asks.

"Nothing. Toast." I don't ask what he had, but I can tell that he wants me to.

"Well, you shouldn't have missed the staff meeting today," Alex says. "The lady from Petrossian

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Making Fast Work of the Maine Shrimp Season

Sometimes I don't feel like cooking. Like the day after our eight-course Groundhog Day celebration of local food over at Preservation Hall (a few photos are over here on FB). But I'm not one to let that stop me from eating. So I took home a pint of Maine shrimp from our Eastham store. Give them about a minute with butter, garlic, and white wine and you have one fine dinner-in-a-skillet.

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Into the Briny Deep: Quick Pickled Winter Vegetables

All of us off-season cooks at Mac's are busy working up a tasting menu for a benefit we're hosting on one of my favorite holidays: Groundhog Day. We're still working out the details of each course, but I can tell you this, one of them will involve pickles. Not the usual cucumber pickles you buy in the store, but something homemade with more unusual ingredients.

My wife Traci points out that Groundhog Day is not

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