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Shrimp That’s Not Skimpy

A few years ago, some chef friends and I started a tradition of cooking for each other on New Year's Day. It was supposed to be all about kicking back after the weeks of long hours that go into pulling off special holiday menus for guests and family. What we needed was a pot luck. And maybe a beer or two.

But of course we all ended up trying to show off. The trick

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Wellfleet Oysters Smile for the Camera

The folks from the Food Network came to the OysterFest this year, shooting for a new Cooking Channel Show called United Tastes of America. They asked Mac's to be part of it and I was honored. Until they told me I'd have to meet their camera crew under the food tent at 6:30 in the morning on day two of the 'Fest.

It was our grilled oysters they were after. These

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How to Shuck an Oyster

Opening an oyster takes determination. My daughter Lili loves to shuck oysters: she is just one of those people born to find her way into the belly of the beast. Still, we made her wait until she turned seven before we let her start wielding her own oyster knife. Because the job requires a certain focus and manual dexterity, too.

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