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It’s Time for Oysters

The story of Mac’s is forever intertwined with our hometown’s most famous bivalve – the Wellfleet Oyster.  One of my fondest memories is learning how to shuck an oyster with my grandfather (a tradition passed on to my daughters Bella and Lili as soon as they could confidently hold a shucking knife.)  Later, when we opened our first location at the Pier, our customers couldn’t get enough of them.  So

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My Holiday Hangover Cure: Flounder

Let Alex call me girly, but with the holidays behind us, what I'm liking for dinner is this: a piece of very gently pan-fried flounder, lean and simple, plain––not breaded, not sauced. Flounder as hangover cure.

It's not so much about booze, my holiday hangover. It's about all that heavy winter food: roast beast and gravies and purees. My favorite flounder dinner is the opposite of all that.

I sprinkle

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The Perfect Sear

Plumping may be fine for the turkeys over at Butterball, but it's not good for scallops. If you want a perfect seared scallop, you've got to start with a "dry" one. That is, the scallop should not be doused with sodium tripolyphosphate, or anything else for that matter. I hope I don't have to tell you that at Mac's our scallops are always totally au naturel.

Here on Cape Cod, local Atlantic sea scallops

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In the Kitchen with a Dream Machine

Lobster tails poached with butter and herbs. Who needs to rethink anything about that?

I've been obsessing about those tails lately. We poach a lot of lobster tails in a summer at Mac's Shack. And towards the end of the season, when things cool down out front, that's when we start tinkering back in the kitchen.

So I say to Jared, "I've been thinking about lobster and fennel, but

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The Perfect Fried Clam

The sunsets are earlier. I'm overhearing conversations about school. It's time to ask myself if I have had my summer quota of fried clams.

I try not to overdo it. But this year the clams have been so good I'm considering adjusting my limit.

What makes one fried clam better than another?

For starters, the clams have to be fresh––not previously frozen. You want the thing to

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