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Making Fast Work of the Maine Shrimp Season

Sometimes I don't feel like cooking. Like the day after our eight-course Groundhog Day celebration of local food over at Preservation Hall (a few photos are over here on FB). But I'm not one to let that stop me from eating. So I took home a pint of Maine shrimp from our Eastham store. Give them about a minute with butter, garlic, and white wine and you have one fine dinner-in-a-skillet.

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Shrimp That’s Not Skimpy

A few years ago, some chef friends and I started a tradition of cooking for each other on New Year's Day. It was supposed to be all about kicking back after the weeks of long hours that go into pulling off special holiday menus for guests and family. What we needed was a pot luck. And maybe a beer or two.

But of course we all ended up trying to show off. The trick

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The Lobster and the Whale

They're bright and dramatic. Rich and sweet. Great with bubbly. But just in case you need another reason to serve lobster during this season of so much feasting: the end of the year marks the end of the season for our local near-shore lobstermen. It's time to eat up.

Our winter break from backshore lobsters isn't actually about the local lobster population, though it may be a good thing for

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Farmed Salmon: Maybe Just a Sliver

Some folks from Oklahoma came into our Truro market last week and said they thought our local salmon sure looked good. I hated to be the one to have to break it to them, but New England hasn't had a salmon fishery for more than half a century. And Cape Cod never has.

I did recently come across a New York Times report about some "remarkably handsome" salmon landed by mackerel fishermen out of Truro.

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Sweet Wellfleet Blue Eyes

There are fish to be missed at this time of year. The blues, for instance. All of them from mackerel and bluefish to the big bluefin tuna are packing up now to leave our shores until next year. But those of us who live to eat here on the Outer Cape know how to move on quickly. Right now we're busy with bushels of bay scallops. This is one of seafood's sweetest seasons.

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