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Dinner with Irene: Homemade Clam Chowder

Irene blew through from the tropics on Sunday and stole our electric power on her way out. Otherwise, she left us with a pretty sweet morning after.

We spent the day before the storm tying things down, loading in extra ice, and worrying. Though I have to admit, in the back of my mind I was working on Irene-themed dinner specials. Maybe something tropical, I thought, perfect in that balmy air.

But storms, even when they come from

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Learning to Skate

I'm told the French eat lots of skate. They serve it pan fried, the crispy coating given a good drizzle of browned butter. Here in New England, well, skate is something we traditionally serve to lobsters. In their traps, I mean. Hold the butter.

Skate is abundant in our waters pretty much year round. Like the other "trash fish" we've learned to love, it's one of those fish that is

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Talking Trash: Hake

When I see fish I've never cooked before in one of our markets I know I have my brother Alex to thank. Lately, he's been all about hake.

It's Alex's job to ask fishermen what they're catching around here. But a lot of them aren't used to his favorite line of questioning. He's obsessed with finding out what they've got that they didn't actually mean to land. Fishermen going

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Big Fish Forever

We got our first bluefin tuna of the season this week. We––my brother Alex, our cousin Sam, and I––all have a deep attachment to these fish. Not just because they are delicious, but because they are majestic.

In this picture, our grandfather, Dr. Martin Bradford, stands (far right) alongside his boat, the Toja, surrounded by family and friends, including Wallace "Shep" Shepardson, co-owner of the Toja (he's standing on the left in

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I’ll Have the Mackerel, Please.

A lot of people tell me they want to eat local and sustainable. So I say, "How about the mackerel?"

"Isn't it kind of fishy?" they ask, eyes wandering towards the cod.

Maybe you think I'm not the right person to ask. After all, a guy in my position must think anything "fishy" is a good thing. But I know the strong, oily flavor that develops in mackerel that's been around for a few days,

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