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Ask Us Where Your Fish Comes From

This picture of our friend Andrew Cummings, a Wellfleet shellfisherman who supplies a good many of our oysters, got me thinking about how we really ought to take on the seafood fraud problem in this country: Forget about whether your fillet has had a DNA test. What's the chemistry between the people who harvest your fish and those who sell it to you?

At least for those of us who catch, prepare, and eat seafood in

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Wellfleet Oysters Smile for the Camera

The folks from the Food Network came to the OysterFest this year, shooting for a new Cooking Channel Show called United Tastes of America. They asked Mac's to be part of it and I was honored. Until they told me I'd have to meet their camera crew under the food tent at 6:30 in the morning on day two of the 'Fest.

It was our grilled oysters they were after. These

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A Locavore is Born

I should have known their baby was on the way. There they were, my brother Alex and his wife Elspeth, standing in the Truro store, tearing into boxes of newly-arrived sheep's milk yogurt, chocolate bars, and fancy crackers like a couple of bears smelling a winter storm in the air.

They weren't eating it all, mind you. They were stocking the shelves, moving summer T-shirts out of the way to make room for

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Mac’s Clambake 2011

The first clambake I ever went to was not on a beach. It was on a parking lot. At a family wedding––not the kind of party a twelve-year-old boy gets real excited about. But there on the blacktop was a scene that did get a hold of me: steaming pots over blasting propane flames, piles of steamers and lobsters, vats of potatoes, kegs of beer, melted butter everywhere. It was excessive and unwieldy. I wanted more.

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A Spanish Monk: Pan-Roasted Monkfish with Serrano Ham

I always look forward to a few quiet days after Labor Day weekend. But this is not what I had in mind: we're at sixty degrees outside and day four of the rain that Irene forgot to bring with her. Normally, I'd be fishing this week, but instead I've been trolling the cooking shows.

It was a late night trip to Spain with Anthony Bourdain ("No Reservations" is pretty much

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