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‘Tis the Season for Whole-Roasted Monkfish

I know it's the time of year for roast beast. But you know me: I'd rather roast a fish.

Right now, we've got a bone-in loin of monkfish on the menu at Mac's Provincetown that I'm planning to make the centerpiece of our family's Christmas feast.

I figure it's as meaty and elegant as any roast could be. And if you add a little crème fraîche to the pan juices, you end up with a killer gravy for spooning over mashed potatoes–&ndash

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The Perfect Sear

Plumping may be fine for the turkeys over at Butterball, but it's not good for scallops. If you want a perfect seared scallop, you've got to start with a "dry" one. That is, the scallop should not be doused with sodium tripolyphosphate, or anything else for that matter. I hope I don't have to tell you that at Mac's our scallops are always totally au naturel.

Here on Cape Cod, local Atlantic sea scallops are extra-sweet this time

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The Local Fish Report: What to Eat in July

I'm not much into bumper stickers, though there is one on my scooter that says, "Eat Me, I'm Local." I am a card-carrying member of the Cape Cod chapter of "Buy Fresh, Buy Local."

BFBL is part of a national nonprofit called FoodRoutes Network and their goal is to strengthen the market for locally grown foods. I like the idea of joining forces with other restaurant people, farmers market organizers, and shop owners who are

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The Lobster and the Whale

They're bright and dramatic. Rich and sweet. Great with bubbly. But just in case you need another reason to serve lobster during this season of so much feasting: the end of the year marks the end of the season for our local near-shore lobstermen. It's time to eat up.

Our winter break from backshore lobsters isn't actually about the local lobster population, though it may be a good thing for

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Sweet Wellfleet Blue Eyes

There are fish to be missed at this time of year. The blues, for instance. All of them from mackerel and bluefish to the big bluefin tuna are packing up now to leave our shores until next year. But those of us who live to eat here on the Outer Cape know how to move on quickly. Right now we're busy with bushels of bay scallops. This is one of seafood's sweetest seasons.

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