We have two options for wholesale orders depending on your needs...


Wellfleet Shellfish Co.

Wellfleet Shellfish Company is a HACCP, FDA, and MRAG Americas certified shellfish and seafood wholesale company based on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. We follow the highest standards for seafood safety established by the FDA's seafood inspection program. We buy our products direct from local fishing families and support sustainable harvests from the purest Class A Waters. Local sourcing means no middleman mark-ups for our customers and fresh to market grades. Wellfleet Shellfish Company is one of a small number of wholesalers permitted to operate a wet storage system for shellfish in New England.  This unique system allows us to store shellfish in sea water sourced directly from Cape Cod's Class A Waters.  UV light and a natural bio-filtration system ensures the water stays pristine. All seafood is shipped within 24 hours of harvest or completion of depuration.


Chatham Fish & Lobster Co.

Chatham Fish & Lobster is a landmark seafood wholesale company based in Chatham, Massachusetts. Local restaurants, fish markets, catering and hospitality companies have relied on us to provide the freshest seafood, native lobsters and superior shellfish to their businesses for over 30 years. We maintain the highest industry standards and quality control, only securing the most pristine seafood directly from local fishermen, who unload their catch daily at our Chatham-based facility. Any product not caught in Cape Cod waters is bought fresh five days a week in Boston. All seafood is processed in-house, and lobster meat is shucked and cooked on-site. No chemicals, stabilizers or extra water are used to plump or preserve our fish. Order direct by phone or email. We deliver fast and fresh to your business 7 days a week.