“Small is the New Big”

I just finished "Small Is the New Big" by Seth Godin. The book is a compilation of a couple hundred blog entries Godin has posted over the last 10 years relating to business and the Internet and what he calls "being remarkable". Essentially he believes that small businesses are in a much better position to succeed in today's marketplace than big ones, for a number of reasons. For one, small business have greater flexibility to change with the times since they aren't bogged down with intense corporate policy.

While I like Godin's idea, I've found that at Mac's Seafood, even though we are a small business with only 8 year round employees, it's still not easy to change our "corporate culture." Don't get me wrong, we're fortunate to have a great success story here at Mac's. We started with a borrowed $5,000 and now have a thriving and growing business. What I'm saying is that even so, change is still hard for us. Maybe that's got something to do with the challenges of working seasonally: In the height of our season we go from eight employees to over 140.

Still, we share the "Small is the New Big" ideals. We want to be flexible, change with the times, and work smarter not harder. Sometimes it feels like we are spinning our wheels and can't seem to get a grasp on what we need to do to really make things click. When that happens, I try to remember it is just a phase we are going through. We'll figure it out. I know we will.

The truth of the matter is that these stages of "growing pains" that we go through are what keep us motivated.  The challenges we face each and every day are not just difficulties, they are, after all, the reasons why we show up to work.  When we overcome obstacles and rise above our challenges, we become stronger, more focused, and a better company.

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