Mac’s Shack Update

On Thursday July 30th we received notice that an employee tested positive for COVID-19. We posted on our website the information we had at the time on the morning of July 30th and informed our customers who had reservations that we would be closed for 24 hours, or until cleared by our Local Health Agent to reopen. Following Department of Public Health and local Board of Health directions and protocol, we closed for a deep cleaning and had staff tested. All tests came back negative. We believe the negative test results are a testament to following proper guidelines and mitigating risk whenever and wherever possible in our establishment. It is also a testament to our employees who take the risk every day to do their jobs and to keep you safe.

Although we can’t know with 100% certainty, we do believe the employee did not contract the virus at work as no other workers have had a positive test result. We were cleared to open for service on July 31, 2020. 

This has been the first instance we have had to deal with a positive COVID test and as in all instances, we learn as we go. 

We appreciate your understanding and for all of us this is the “new normal”. Due to the uncertainty of the virus, we may be required to close next week, or the week after that. With that said, we have systems are in place to protect public health and we are committed to doing what is right.  Operating a food service business in these times and under these circumstances is trying to say the least, and compounds the stress of the restaurant business at every level.

We ask that when you dine or visit any of our establishments, you acknowledge that we are actually still in the midst of a pandemic.  We want to provide you with the best service and best products that we can, as that has always been our commitment. To do that at this time it requires your patience and understanding as we continue to navigate through uncharted waters.

Thank you for your continued support,


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