Hello, Provincetown

We opened the doors to our new market in Provincetown last Friday––it's really a nice place, but don't make us say so––come in and see for yourself.  We're at 85 Shankpainter Road, across from the Stop and Shop, right where Clem & Ursie's used to be.

Some of you have asked: are we crazy for opening another Mac's? Maybe so. But here's the thing: it seems crazy not to sell our fish in the same town where some of our favorite fishermen live.

Besides that, if you've eaten on the Pier or at the Shack in Wellfleet, you already know it's not always about fish for us. The truth is, we love good meats, too. And this space gives us room to feature some of our favorites: naturally raised chicken and beef, including those fantastic Northeast Family Farms rib-eyes that Alex is always bragging about and Niman Ranch "Fearless Franks," a dog you can serve with pride.

Have you tried the sausages from Olli Salumeria? We've got them, too, and I should warn you, they're addictive. We've also brought in a whole array of cheeses and plenty of other appetizers and picnic goods. Plus our own homemade soups and sides that we think will make your summer dinner parties almost too easy. Let us know what you crave and we'll do our best to add more new things as the summer progresses.

When you come, you'll see that we're still working on the part of our space where our restaurant will open this fall. But don't let a little hammering fool you: we're here and ready for you now at the market––every day from 9:00am to 7:00pm.


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