Big Fish Forever

We got our first bluefin tuna of the season this week. We––my brother Alex, our cousin Sam, and I––all have a deep attachment to these fish. Not just because they are delicious, but because they are majestic.

In this picture, our grandfather, Dr. Martin Bradford, stands (far right) alongside his boat, the Toja, surrounded by family and friends, including Wallace "Shep" Shepardson, co-owner of the Toja (he's standing on the left in

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Jenn’s Wedding Season Grilled Striped Bass Salad

The other day I felt myself relax a little: great fish is coming in off the boats, our summer staff seem to be learning the ropes, and there's that low-key, early summer vibe at the Shack. Basking in the June glow, I strolled down the hall to check in on Jenn.

Jenn Mentzer heads up Mac's Parties & Provisions. Back when she ran her own catering business in Chatham, Pleasant Bay

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I’ll Have the Mackerel, Please.

A lot of people tell me they want to eat local and sustainable. So I say, "How about the mackerel?"

"Isn't it kind of fishy?" they ask, eyes wandering towards the cod.

Maybe you think I'm not the right person to ask. After all, a guy in my position must think anything "fishy" is a good thing. But I know the strong, oily flavor that develops in mackerel that's been around for a few days,

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Looking Our Fish Square in the Eye

Yes, it's kind of warty and its two eyes are both on one side of its head, but when this big Atlantic halibut came in, all I could think was "beautiful."

The New York Times reported last week that scientists at the FDA are looking into the feasibility of using DNA tests on fish. No, fish are not committing a lot of crimes these days. But

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Know Where Your Meat Comes From, Too

"We need to talk about meat." Alex had been saying this to me for at least a year. Of course, I'd rather talk about fish. But I'm glad I finally listened to him on this one.

Alex has been spending a lot of time in our markets. Which means talking with customers about what's for dinner. And those conversations have a way of straying, every so often, from the subject of fish. At least when Alex

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