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Mac’s Sustainably-Sourced,
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It might just be true that nothing beats sitting with your feet in the sand at Mac’s on the Pier in Wellfleet, eating a plate of fried clams, with a slow summer sunset on the side. Unless, of course, you're one who lives for sushi and ska at the bar at Mac's Shack or ice cold oysters from Mac's Fish House.
We want everyone to have a taste of our local catch––even those who live tragically far from Cape Cod’s best oysterbeds and backshore lobster traps. That's why we ship. Everything but the sunsets and soundtracks.

The Basics

  • All seafood orders ship via Federal Express Overnight Service, with support from PeriShip, specialists in delivering fresh foods in perfect condition.  The cost to ship your fresh seafood is based on how far it needs to travel from Cape Cod to your doorstep.  Flat rates start at $18 and go up to $60 for edibles. The good news?  Buy as much as you'd like - no matter how big the order, shipping is one price. Non-perishable items ship First Class via U.S. Postal Service. You'll only pay $12 for Mac's Gear and nothing to ship a gift card.

  • FedExPeriShip

  • As long as you order at least two days before you’d like delivery, you can have your order delivered practically any day you’d like, Tuesday through Saturday. Sorry, we cannot arrange deliveries for Sundays or Mondays.

  • We can ship as quickly as the day your order is placed, if you order by 12 noon most weekdays (except holidays). Orders placed after 12 noon cannot go out until the next day.

  • You can order now for delivery later. Just set a future delivery date to coincide with that dinner party or your special occasion gift-giving. We want to be sure we can satisfy your requests, so we strongly recommend placing your order ahead of time if you require delivery around a holiday.

  • Please be sure that someone will be present to receive your package when it arrives.

  • We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

  • We guarantee the quality of our products, and we take great care in arranging the best possible handling and delivery services. We are confident you’ll be happy with your order. However, we cannot take responsibility for weather related or other unexpected delivery delays—these are risks you assume when ordering perishables.

  • Orders that do not include any food items ship by U.S. mail. Mac’s Seafood Gift Cards are also sent, complete with a gift card and envelope, by first class mail (delivery in 4 to 8 days) at no additional charge to you.


Q: How does flat rate shipping work? How much can I buy?

The cost to ship your fresh seafood is based on how far it needs to travel from Cape Cod to your doorstep.  Flat rates start at $18 and go up to $60 for edibles.  You'll only pay $12 for Mac's Gear and nothing to ship a gift card via USPS.  The good news?  Buy as much as you'd like - no matter how big the order, shipping is one price.

Q: Fresh seafood online. It sounds crazy. How does it work?

Prepare to be amazed. You place your order, and tell us when you want it delivered. We hand-select the live lobsters, shellfish, or super-fresh fish you've requested. Then we pack it specially, so it stays perfectly chilled, and off it goes by FedEx Express Overnight Service, with support from PeriShip, the fresh food delivery experts. We’re guessing you'll soon go back online for more because what Mac's delivers is so seriously good and so much fresher than anything you’ll find at an ordinary market.

We do also ship non-perishable Mac’s gear––that goes by plain old USPS.

Q: How does the stuff stay cold? Is it frozen when you send it?

The fish we ship is spanking fresh, it has never been frozen and we do not freeze it for shipping. We pack it in sturdy insulated boxes (made of CFC-free polystyrene foam) then surround it with re-usable gel packs that keep it perfectly cold. Some of our customers are surprised to learn that lobsters and shellfish are actually alive when we send them. Don't worry, they do not bite. We set them carefully into their insulated boxes and surround them with seaweed, when weather permits us to harvest it. Otherwise, we pack with newsprint, which reminds them of seaweed; they make the trip just fine.

(Shrimp is one exception to our “never frozen” rule. It comes to us frozen from the gulf of Mexico, we gently thaw it, cook it to perfection, and ship it chilled and ready to eat.)

Q: Does someone have to be there to receive the package when it arrives? What if it’s a gift?

Yes, someone needs to be there. This is, after all, pretty special stuff––you don’t want it left out in the weather or as a treat for the neighborhood animals. However, the package does not require a signature at drop off. This means the delivery person may use his or her best judgment as to whether or not to leave the package at your door or not. They usually do leave it. In any case, you will be responsible for whatever happens next: someone (or the neighbor’s dog) makes off with your lobsters, the sun cooks your cod––it’s all on you.

When you send a gift, we’ll ask you for the telephone number of the lucky recipient. Or of someone who will be responsible for receiving the package. That’s so that we can work out a delivery day that’s sure to work well.

Q: What time will my package get here?

Delivery times vary. Most deliveries arrive between 8:30am and 12:30pm, although depending on your location, your package might arrive as late as 4:30pm or even later.

Q: I'm the nervous type. How do I track my order?

We send you an e-mail confirmation describing your order the minute it is complete. Then, you (or whoever the package is shipping to) gets an e-mail, including tracking information, as soon as FedEx zooms off with the package.

If you have questions about your order, you can reach us in person at 1-800-214-0477. We’re here Monday through Saturday, from 9am to 5pm. After hours, please leave us a message and we will get back to you.

Q: What if I want my order delivered just in time for a special occasion?

We love it when customers order ahead of time. When you order, simply choose a future delivery date to coincide with your dinner party or special occasion gift giving. However, please note: our shippers require an extra charge for Saturday deliveries. And, unfortunately, we cannot arrange for deliveries on Sundays or Mondays.

Q: Yikes! I forgot my brother’s birthday––how quickly can you ship?

It’s best to order two days before you want delivery. However, we can ship the very same day your order is placed, if you order by 12 noon most weekdays (except holidays). Orders placed after 12 noon cannot go out until the next day. As far as when your brother will receive his gift, remember: we ship FedEx Overnight, so, if your order is completed by noon, we’ll get him his clambake the next day. If your order is placed later than noon, it will be packed and shipped the next day and get to him the day after that.

Q: Oh, and my brother is in Puerto Rico, by the way.

Darn. We’re sorry. We are only able to ship within the lower 48 and to Washington, D.C. Much as they may need Mac’s Seafood elsewhere, we cannot ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or other places outside the U.S.

Q: I think a couple of lobster clambakes would make great a great gift, but I worry that my in-laws from Topeka might not know what to do with the lobsters.

We send easy-to-follow cooking instructions along with every lobster delivery. Lobsters are easy to steam: our recipe involves nothing more than boiling water, adding salt, and melting some butter on the side. It’s important to plan to cook them the day they arrive. Meantime, the lobsters need to be kept cold and moist. Your lobsters will arrive alive, but they will not be kicking––the ride makes them woozy. Take them out of their packaging and wrap them loosely in salt-water-soaked paper (a paper bag or newsprint will work fine). Do not smother them in a plastic bag!

Q: Forget about roses. I know my boyfriend would rather have a dozen oysters. But we've never shucked before.

Relax. Instructions are included in every oyster delivery. And there’s a simple step-by-step how-to with pictures on Mac’s blog.

We recommend sending one of our oyster knives along when you order oysters for friends––you don’t want them shucking with a screwdriver.

Your oysters will keep for at least a week after they arrive, as long as they’re handled properly. When your oysters arrive, remove them from their packaging and lay them cupped-side down (they rest in their juices that way) on a well-moistened dishcloth in the coldest part of your fridge. Cover them with another moist dishcloth––they must be kept cold and damp, but do not drown them in water!

Clams should be handled in the same way. And for those who are really not ready to shuck, clams are delicious steamed open in a little white wine or beer, with a slice of garlic, and a hunk of butter. A recipe is included with every clam order.

Q: Maybe a gift card. Just to be safe.

Sure. Our gift cards come tucked into a nice Mac’s greeting card, within another envelope (in case you want to have it sent to yourself to address by hand or give in person). Gift cards go out the day after you place your order. They go by US mail, first class, and usually arrive 4 to 7 business days after they are sent.

If you do buy a gift certificate for someone, keep in mind that if they use it for an online purchase, shipping charges will apply to their total. The card can be used to pay for both products and shipping, but you might want to include a little extra love on the card to cover that.

Q: How do I pay?

We take credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, Amex and Discover. You can also use a Mac’s Seafood Gift Card to buy from Mac’s Online: you'll see a space to enter the number on your card.

Q: Major menu change. I’d like to cancel my order.

If you need to cancel, please call us directly at 1-800-214-0477. We can make it work as long as we hear from you at least 24 hours before your order is scheduled to ship.

Q: I want life to be perfect. Can you guarantee that?

We stand behind our products 100%. We're choosy about our seafood, we take care in packing it properly, and we use the best shipping service out there to get it to you.

But we cannot guarantee things that are beyond our control: sometimes, due to weather or other events, packages don't make it on time. There is no insurance to cover this. It's a risk you take when ordering perishables online.

Let us know right away if this happens. We will work with the shipper to be sure everything that’s under our control was done right. If it wasn’t, we'll make a claim for you. Our shipper will have the last word on responsibility for the problem, but if we are able to arrange reimbursement, we will credit your account for the shipping and for the cost of your order.

If the delivery goes perfectly (which it usually does) but there is some other problem with your order (which there rarely is!) please call us at 1-800-214-0477, so we can make things right.