Fifty Wellfleet Littleneck Clams

Fifty Wellfleet Littleneck Clams

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Our native littlenecks star on top restaurant menus near and far. It's something about their perfect balance of sweetness and brine. Serve on the half shell or steamed in beer. These are well-endowed clams we've classified as "selects". Sold live, 50 clams per order; handling and shucking instructions included. (If you're feeding a crowd, howbout a 100-clam bag?)

Live Wellfleet Littlenecks, 50 per order: $65.00

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Know where your fish comes from...

Littleneck Clams

(Mercenaria mercenaria)

Littlenecks are small quahogs or hardshell clams, native all along the Eastern seaboard. As with oysters, their flavor varies depending on the estuaries where they burrow into the sand.

  • Littlenecks are harvested at one inch thick and under 2.5 inches long. A bit larger and they're called cherrystones. Look for a hint of violet on their gray shells.
  • While wild clams are still dug in Wellfleet, aquaculture has become more prevalent since the 1980s. Local farming is overseen by the Wellfleet Shellfish Department.
  • Clam farming is both clean and sustainable. It does not involve any feeding or fertilizing, and there are no hormone or chemical additions to the bay. And as they feed, oysters actually clean the water, converting the nitrogen they remove into protein.
  • In order to be distributed to restaurants and food markets, clams must be inspected and tagged through a HACCP-approved packing facility to ensures freshness and safety. At Mac's, we have our own HACCP-certified facility.