Cape Cod Clambakes

Cape Cod Clambakes

Clambake for Two

Enjoy a true Cape Cod tradition––even if you live far from our famous backshore lobster traps. Each clambake for two starts with a pair of our live hardshell lobsters and includes a dozen Wellfleet littlenecks, 2 ears of corn or red potatoes (depending on the season), Mac's clam chowder, Portuguese-style linguiça, sea salt, and cooking instructions. Sold by the twos, featuring pairs of 1.5 or 2 pound lobsters.

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Know where your fish comes from...


(Homarus americanus)

Lobsters inhabit the bottom of the Atlantic from Labrador to Cape Hatteras. Ours are from the Outer Cape’s back shore, except during the winter whale migration, when we keep you in lobsters from deeper waters.

  • Live lobsters sport various colors: brown, green and even blue (that's rare); when cooked, they all turn  bright orange-red.
  • Our lobsters are trapped (except when gear is lifted for the whales, we do buy deep-water trawled lobsters), using  gear modified to avoid whale entanglement.
  • Fishwatch—the National Marine Fisheries Service sustainability report—lists lobster in our northern range as healthy.