Bag of Wellfleet Oysters

Bag of Wellfleet Oysters

100 Select Wellfleet Oysters

World-famous for their briny freshness, our just-harvested Wellfleets are sure to be the life of your party. These we classify as "selects"––especially round, plump, and deep-cupped. One hundred live oysters in each bag; handling and shucking instructions are included. (We also sell three dozen.)

Want to perfect your shucking? Learn the fine points from Mac and Lili here.

Bags of 100 live Wellfleet oysters (plus shipping cost): $150.00

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Know where your fish comes from...

Wellfleet Oysters

(Crassostrea virginica)

The same Eastern Oyster species grows in estuaries all along the Eastern seaboard, but its flavor varies greatly depending on the characteristics of the local habitat.

  • Wellfleet's pristine estuaries and powerful tidal flow offer oysters the ideal natural habitat.
  • Native Wellfleets grew wild here for millenia (and they still do). But oysters have been grown here by aquaculturists since the native population was depleted in the late 1800s. Local farming is overseen by the Wellfleet Shellfish Department.
  • Oyster farming is both clean and sustainable. It does not involve any feeding or fertilizing, and there are no hormone or chemical additions to the bay. And as they feed, oysters actually clean the water, converting the nitrogen they remove into protein.
  • In order to be distributed to restaurants and food markets, oysters must be inspected and tagged through a HACCP-approved packing facility to ensures freshness and safety. At Mac's, we have our own HACCP-certified facility.