Smoked Salmon Paté

Smoked Salmon Paté

House-Made Salmon Paté

We start with our own gently house-smoked salmon. It's rich and moist and lightly caramelized, the way our grandfather taught us. We blend in cream cheese, fresh lemon juice, and a hint of horseradish to create a luxurious yet light-textured spread. Made with sustainably-farmed Atlantic salmon. Six-ounces per container. Minimum of two (2) per order.

Two six-ounce containers of smoked salmon paté: $28.00

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Know where your fish comes from...

Atlantic Salmon

(Salmo salar)

Wild Atlantic salmon's habitat was severely threatened by industrialization. Commercial fishing of Atlantic salmon has long been prohibited. Maintaining a consistent supply of good, sustainably-farmed salmon is an ongoing project for us.

  • Wild salmon gets its characteristic orange-pink color from carotenoids in the crustaceans it eats. Farmed versions are fed carotene-rich vitamins instead.
  • After meeting our top priorities in selecting farmed salmon––clean flavor and firm texture––we look for low feed-to-fish ratios. We believe this is the key to sustainable fish farming.
  • Salmon are piscivores. While a partially plant-based diet may be a good thing for farmed salmon, we avoid farms that use feed containing meat byproducts and unnecessary antibiotics and hormones.
  • Fishwatch––the National Marine Fisheries Sustainability report––describes the strict prohibition on fishing wild Atlantic salmon.