Sustainably-Harvested Shrimp

Sustainably-Harvested Shrimp

Raw Wild Shrimp

We selected these wild jumbo shrimp for their clean, sweet flavor. Each 2-pound package contains about 45 shrimp. Because fresh shrimp are so delicate, we deliver ours frozen, tail-on, in 2 lb. bags––thaw gently in the fridge.

Two pounds (about 45) Jumbo Shrimp: $72.00

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Know where your fish comes from...

Mexican Brown Shrimp

(Farfantepenaeus californiensis)

These brown shrimp are found wild on Mexico's Pacific coast and considered the finest shrimp in the world. We chose them for their superior flavor, but also because intensive shrimp farming has a negative impact on the health of coastal environments.

Although raw Mexican brown shrimp have brown-gray shells, they cook up beautifully coral-pink and white.

The big shrimp we all love are not native to New England. Alex discovered this superior variety of shrimp on a trip to Mexico.

Our shrimp are netted by small-scale fishermen who share a cooperative market facility in Sinaloa. They are ahead of the big industrial trawlers at meeting conservation regulations, using gear that does not ensnare turtles.

Well over 80% of the shrimp consumed in the U.S. is farmed. Yet the farming––mostly done in India, Thailand, and Ecuador threatens mangroves crucial to the health of coastal communities. Also: it is rare to find farmed shrimp that is not treated with antibiotics and other chemicals.

Fishwatch––the National Marine Fisheries Service sustainability report––notes that shrimp stocks are resilient, reproducing abundantly and growing quickly. The concern is by-catch; the turtle exluding gear is key.