Day Boat Flounder

Flounder is famously lean and white and prized for its delicacy. Pair thin slices with melon for crudo. Or sauté it very gently and brighten your buttery pan juices with a good squeeze of fresh lemon juice. We deliver our flounder skinless. Choose from 2 or 3 lbs. of flounder. 

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Overnight shipping has been disrupted across the US because of severe winter weather conditions, so we're temporarily pausing Mac's online shipping orders rather than risk a delivery delay of your fresh...

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Know where your fish comes from...

Summer Flounder

(Paralichthys dentatus)

  • Summer flounder is a left-eyed fish most common from Cape Cod to Cape Fear. Their spotted brown-gray skin provides camouflage against the sandy ocean floor where they burrow.
  • Our summer flounder is landed daily, by fishing families making one-day trips to sea, which means a truly local, very fresh, more carefully handled catch.
  • Commercial fishermen mainly trawl for flounder. The environmental impact of trawling is reduced here on Cape Cod, where summer flounder is caught only when inshore––so, over a sandy bottom––for the season. Flounder quotas and size limits are managed by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission and the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council.
  • Fishwatch––the National Marine Fisheries Service sustainability report––confirms that summer flounder have rebounded to target population levels thanks to a rebuilding plan established in 1982.