Day Boat Pollock

Pollock is a cousin to cod, with a much more delicate, flaky texture. We're passionate about it pan-fried. Pollock's light texture and great flavor are perfect up against a crunchy golden coating (we like to spike our breadcrumbs with a little cayenne). Choose from 2 or 3 lbs. of pollock. We deliver our pollock skin-on, cut into fillets.

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Know where your fish comes from...

Atlantic Pollock

(Pollachius virens)

Pollock school in the northern Atlantic from Stellwagon Bank to the Scotia Shelf. Ours are landed on Cape Cod.

  • Our local species has a distinctive silvery-white lateral line. Its flesh is not as bright white as that of its cousin the cod. You'll rarely see whole fillets in other regions, since most pollock sold in the U.S. is Alaskan.
  • All our pollock is "day boat," brought in by fishing families making one-day trips to sea, which means a truly local, very fresh, more carefully handled catch.
  • Though Alaskan pollock are commonly trawled, our local harvest is primarily gillnetted or line caught alongside haddock and cod––a plus for the bottom habitat and for preventing by-catch.
  • Fishwatch––the National Marine Fisheries Service sustainability report––lists excellent news about pollock: it has rebuilt beyond target levels. With a healthy population and well-managed harvesting, this is a very sustainable choice.