Day Boat Monkfish

It's hard to believe we New Englanders used to ship most of our monkfish catch to Europe. Now the tail fillets, white, round, and plump, are a highly-valued restaurant favorite here. They're sweet, with a scallop-like texture. Great wrapped in prosciutto and pan-roasted. Choose from 2 or 3 lbs. of fish.

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Know where your fish comes from...


(Lophius americanus)

Monkfish tolerate a wide range of temperatures and habitats on the East Coast. Ours are landed primarily inshore here on Cape Cod, from Provincetown to Chatham.

  • We like to display monkfish whole, so customers can see their outsized, toothy mouths. Under the skin, monkfish tails are encased in a slippery membrane that gets rubbery-tight when cooked––we remove it when we prepare each order.  Monkfish liver is also highly valued, especially in Europe.
  • Our monkfish is landed daily, by fishing families making one-day trips to sea, which means a truly local, very fresh, more carefully handled catch.
  • Our monkfish is trawled. The environmental impact of trawling is reduced here on Cape Cod, where monkfish is caught only when inshore––so, over a sandy bottom––for the season. Each year's catch reflects the New England and Mid-Atlantic Fisheries Councils' Monkfish Management Plan.
  • Fishwatch––the National Marine Fisheries Service sustainability report––confirms that monkfish, overfished by the1990s, then strictly managed, were successfully rebuilt as of 2008. It is now fished at sustainable levels.